Diane Webster—Graduate Assistant to Dr. Hewitt.  Fascinated by ancient civilizations and the challenge of interpreting the fragments those lost civilizations leave behind, Diane has made the intellectually satisfying (but economically dubious) pursuit of archaeology her life’s work.  This summer’s assistantship with Dr. Hewitt is but a stepping stone to that future career, offering her professional work experience for her resume and a modest remuneration that will help fund the next semester post-grad endeavors.  She’s heard Dr. Hewitt is a bit, well, eccentric—but he at least seems to be a gentleman.  Needless to say, there are a few details Dr. Hewitt failed to mention in their initial interview that are going to strain her patience—and sense of reason—to their limits.

Thomas “TJ” GreerGraduate Assistant to Dr. Hewitt.  Laid-back, pragmatic and in his own way, intensely brilliant, TJ’s specialty is architecture and archaeology—he is fascinated by what ancient peoples built, and how.  TJ is known for his ability to sleep anywhere, anytime, and eat practically anything; he also remembers everything he’s ever read, right down to the page number of the book it was in.  This is his second summer working for Dr. Hewitt, whom he genuinely likes and respects.  The fact that he’s never seen the professor eat anything, or even walk around campus in daylight, has strangely never occurred to him.


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