About the Chronicle

Welcome to the World of Darkness.

It is a world much like the one we know.

But in this world, the monsters of legend are real.

Vampires. Werewolves. Sorcerers.  Spirits.  And Demons.

They have always been with us, dwelling in the shadows, secret societies with their own laws, traditions,  hierarchies, political squabbles, and legends.

And some of those legends are true.

The scattered fragments of an ancient Cainite mystery are being gathered by a mysterious cabal of elders who call themselves the Manus Nigram—the Black Hand.

But by a twist of fate, a few of those fragments escape their grasp, and instead fall into the hands of an eccentric Ventrue archaeologist, Dr. Charles Hewitt, who calls upon the sage advice of a fellow lover of antiquities:  Etienne de Vaillant, Pontifex of Spirits for House and Clan Tremere.  Together with Dr. Hewitt’s mortal grad assistants, and the aid of a select and widely diverse coterie of Kindred allies, they race against time to solve an ancient riddle—and even more importantly—prevent those valuable artifacts from falling into the wrong hands.

Because in those artifacts lies the key to unlocking one of the greatest horrors in Cainite legend… or the power to destroy it forever.    

Toothbrushes - Sarcasm - Sex - Foxholes

From the feverishly overworked imaginations of Wyrd-Sisters.org, and the undead denizens of A World Lit Only By Fire, comes a globe-trotting, world-saving, traditions-shredding, rules-breaking, author-entertaining, hell-raising, soul-harrowing, and truly EPIC chronicle centuries in the making, and nearly twelve years in the storytelling.

Heart of Darknessa Vampire: The Masquerade / World of Darkness chronicle. 


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