Day 27 – A character you want to play in the future

There are two ways to interpret this particular topic. Who would be a specific character (ie, someone I’ve already got at least half-created in the character bullpen) I would like to play in a future storyline in our long-running chronicle…


Who/what might be an interesting character concept that I’ve never created an actual character for but would be fun to play in some future storyline…

I have a huge bullpen. And every NPC in it thinks they’re really the protagonist of their own story. (Shhh, don’t tell them otherwise.) But there are a couple I’d like to let out to play a bit more.

Joshua Swan (aka Josselin de Poitiers): Toreador elder. Former Knight of the Rose, retired Camarilla Archon, now playing itinerant musician and freelance troubleshooter (and avoiding the notice of the Camarilla authorities as much as he can; he and the current Toreador Justicar do not see eye to eye). First introduced in the Dark Ages: clan novel series (Brujah, Toreador, Tremere). I figure I created him, I get to play him if I want. Would definitely need to come up against something tough and nasty, possibly a story that trapped him between Camarilla authorities on one side and some kickass Black Hand or Templar types on the other.

crow-corvoCorvo (aka Guillermo Martinez): Tzimisce Ancillae, Sabbat beast-master and koldun-in-training. First introduced as an NPC in Baltimore when he had the misfortune to get captured in a raid on a Ventrue’s country estate—and he was soul-riding a crow at the time. Eventually ‘ransomed’ back to his pack, but he’s had mixed feelings about his captor (a pretty Tremere woman) ever since—especially since he had expected to be tortured, and wasn’t (at least until her Regent had taken custody). He’s brash, reckless, and full of bravado, and can be tough in a fight, but is also… curious now, about the Other Side – which has already gotten him into serious trouble once or twice with Sabbat authorities.

Misha: Lasombra neonate. A recent battlefield Embrace, but with over a decade of experience as a ghoul, and being middle-aged, also decades of experience as a soldier, KGB muscle, and self-taught electronics and computer guy. Suddenly in the interesting position of going under cover as a decades-old Brujah anarch pack leader, when he’s actually the youngest member of the pack—and his centuries-old Sire is trying to pose as his second in command. In a city where Anarchs, Sabbat and Camarilla all vie for territory, and their true mission in the city must remain a secret from all sides. Well, at least his existence is not boring.

Oh, yes, and the entire cast of Lair of the Hidden, including the mortals. One of these nights….

Hunedoara Castle -- Enjoy your visit....

Welcome to Hunedoara Castle — Enjoy your stay….

As for the other category…..

There are clans I’ve never played:

"You will not believe your eyes..."

“You will not believe your eyes…”

Ravnos might be fun, with the right character. Stage magician/illusionist (who uses sleight-of-hand, not Chimestry… at least for his stage shows). Secretly an Archon and investigator for a particularly eccentric Camarilla Justicar. Gets to travel all over, from Domain to Domain, apparently just on tour, but really pursuing investigations for his (or her) superiors. Could even be a Sire/childe duo, or small coterie – with a mortal troupe for backup. Clearly they only do night shows….

A Malkavian could be a nice change of pace, too. (I had SO much fun with Petrucchio…) Malks when played well, with their peculiar world-view and perceptions worked out to some detail, so the Malk is a well-rounded, balanced but still not-really-sane individual, can be very interesting and very scary. It’s harder to make a functional protagonist out of them, though. (Not impossible, but harder – they make better supporting characters, I think. Or annoyingly unsupportive. It’s a matter of perspective…)


“So, what exactly is it you want? Don’t ask for sympathy. I’m fresh out.”

Nosferatu: An all-Nosferatu story would be very interesting, with a whole different dynamic than any other clan. In the bullpen, I’ve got Dr. Christian Aristede and Dr. Lydia Fischer: (roughly sketched out, but not played much yet.) Dr. Aristede was a medical doctor (in the 19th century); his grandchilde Lydia Fischer was a forensics pathologist who always found dead patients to be much easier to deal with than living ones. Originally from New England, they moved to Baltimore and joined the Nosferatu warren there a few years ago. Dr. Aristede is a somewhat of a curmudgeon, but keeps a sharp eye on things going on in the city, while bickering constantly with the other two senior Nosferatu in the warren (one of whom is his sire). Lydia has become his right hand; he took her under his guidance after the traumatic nature of her Embrace (he actually killed her sire, for very good reasons), and they seem to be on the same wavelength most of the time. Neither one is terribly social, but they’re both intensely curious about anything regarding Kindred physiology in general (and Nosferatu in particular). Dr. Aristede also takes his position as one of the three ‘Elders’ of the warren seriously when it comes to looking out for the safety of its members – even if it means he has to deal with his rather manipulative and eccentric Sire.


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